“Spring Tales” Kyung Hee Lee
On Thursday 25 April, at 18:30 in Pietrasanta ( Lucca) Italy, KYRO ART GALLERY presents the artistLEE KYUNG HEE’ solo show, entitled
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“The colour of the weather” – Giuseppe Ciracì
Giuseppe Ciracì “THE COLOUR OF THE WEATHER” Curated by Michele Tavola
Opening: 23 March at 18:30, running until 23 April Saturday
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“DYSTOPIA OF AN ASCENT” – Daniele Salvalai
* The exhibition was extended until 20 January 2019 * The exhibition is wholly focused on the mountain, taken as a
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“L’ansia dell’armonia” – Marco Nizzoli
“L’ansia dell’armonia”Marco Nizzoli : 1 novembre – 1 dicembre 2018 Things are held together by invisible links. You can’t pluck
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“The consequences of love” – Anila Rubiku
“THE CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE”  Anila Rubiku: 7 July– 7 August 2018 The whole project revolves around the theme of the chain,
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“The exercise of the return” Eleonora Rossi
“The exercise of the return” Eleonora Rossi: 24 March – 24 April 2018 The Exercise of Return is curated by
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