Park Eun Sun

Saturday 8 August at 07:00 pm in Pietrasanta (Lucca), KYRO ART GALLERY will present the sculptor PARK EUN SUN’’s personal show “ Infinito “ curated by Ma9eo Galbia?.

KYRO ART GALLERY’ summer goes on with a really par8cular project whose protagonist is the South-Korean famous ar8st Park Eun Sun. He already ac8vely worked with the gallery in the past for various personal and collec8ve shows; now, in close collabora8on with gallery managers he has thought about a site-specific installa8on that is completely new both for works and for the proposed expressional contents.

In this staging “ Park Eun Sun seems he wants to go beyond stones’ borders, by cu^ng them loose their nature and by rese^ng them in other new expressive poten8ali8es which amplify and highlight their poe8c content always in trust with their expressivity”*. And he never deceives his language,made up of a solid interpreta8on of marbles’ and stones’ compactness, deriving from an extensive knowledge of used materials’ peculiari8es.

With a really extreme choice, the show so amounts today to a unicum in the whole of Park Eun Sun’s joint of research that here just focuses on two works of strong visual impact. Sculpture, imagined and felt as “ great” looks for a total immersion in the world’s panoramic vision whose it’s tangible and real part*”.

Two columns are protagonists with KYRO ART GALLERY. “ As stalac8tes or stalagmites they come from a very far 8me and contain in their own vital energy of our world*”. It’s about two earth-sky works which demolish percep8on of place and try a possible further extension that “ lives through light. Choice for this monumental choice which tries to “ essay desire of infini8ve” in this mul8ple answers underlines more and more pulsa8on of aggrega8onal forms of Park Eun Sun by acquiring the ligh8ng theme as means to eradicate solid and impassive concreteness of marble, whose real phisicality changes in an alchemic way, thanks to knowledge that the ar8st has been able to get over the course of 8me and now it has become con8nual exercise of reading for his “ doing” and “ ac8on” he sees injected in the mineral’s coldness warm of real light*”.

“ Light stays inside and around the work and, despite lived in its atavic and atemporal concep8on, relaunches infinity in its dimension and its worldly truth by expressing it in a different dress which can reread each sensible side with which it is possible to inves8gate it*”.

All visitors can compete with a different principle of Park Eun Sun’s ac8on that, in the extremely synthe8c show, focuses all its contribu8on of autenthicity for a research which has always talked on the line of different cultures, where West and East embrace a common and similar vision and interpreta8on of mutual known differences. “ Light, marble, geometry, simplicity of forms and of contents read largeness of freedom and so cann’t be anymore held inside solidity of sculpture and, for this reason ,they seem ready to expand in the infini8ve truth of space and of 8me*”.

Catalogue is bilingual ( Italian and English), and has text of curator and works’ images. It will be presented in gallery during the show’s launch

*Quote from Ma3eo Galbia8’s cri8cal work


Park Eun Sun was born in 1965 in Mopko, South Korea. Discovery of pain8ng arrives very soon in the ar8st’s life who dreams to become a great painter. But when he was twelve his parents forbidden him to a3end the Art School. His art teacher of middle school anyway no8ced his skill and secretely allowed him to a3end a class where to make prac8ce. Park Eun Sun took part and awarded many pain8ng contests for kids and his parents so allowed him to freely dedicate to art.

He moved to Seoul and a3ended the degree course to become Art Instructor at Kyung Hee University. Ajer military service he worked in design for real estates and in this way he approached to space by conceiving its value and by studying environments.

Importance given to forms and to materials puts him close to sculpture, so bringing him to change studies’subject at Kyung Hee University, going from pain8ng to sculpture. Discovery of materials passes from the star8ng use of clay to marble and s8ll to granite. His consolida8on as sculptor develops through several par8cipa8ons in collec8ve shows and contests.

In 1993 he moved to Pietrasanta (Lucca), where he con8nues his studies at Carrara Academy of Fine Arts. His first personal shows take place in Florence in 1995, in Munich in 1996 and in Seoul in 1997. Park’s sculpture develops in space’s concept which is expressed by East cultures through surface’s abrasion where cracks, lacera8ons and cuts live together which symbolize opening to human interiority and, at the same 8me, total destruc8on of material.

His works are linear and globural structures, forms, sphere, cubes and colums without any func8onality but supported by allegories and symbologies where ideas and concepts conquer the surrounding space. Columns represent the metaphor “ of birth and of arising spring , of embryo that according to nature happily develops in a child and in an adult, through column’s representa8on with its shadows”.

Park has exposed in galleries and museums in Italy ( Florence, Genoa, Pietrasanta, Rome, Turin, Verona, Padua, Milan) and abroad ( Belgium, Korea, France, Germany, England, Luxembourg, Holland, Panama, Poland, Singapore, United States, Switzerland).

Actually hw works among Europe, South Korea and Un8ed States.

He graduated in sculpture at Fine Art University of Kyung Hee at Seoul in Korea and, ajer he took the diploma at Fine Art Accademy of Carrara. He lives and works in Italy, at Pietrasanta (Lu).